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“I don’t do reviews a whole lot but Rich and his assistant Christen go above and beyond anything I could ask for. Rich is not only a very good Attorney but he actually cares about his Clients. Christen has helped me out more times than I could count with questions and truly cares. I can’t thank them enough!!”

– Jason Myers

“Mr. Dudek is an excellent attorney whom I have personally seen fight tenaciously for his clients. As a fellow attorney, if I have a loved one for whom I need an attorney, I would seek out Mr. Dudek immediately.”

– Gilbert B. Vega

“Mr. Dudek handled my case effectively and with great professionalism. He was wonderful and easy to work with.”

– Iris Winter

“Richard saved my life! When I was faced with a situation that was out of my control. Christen was more than helpful in so many ways!! Thanks guys!!”

– Melissa Curry

“One of the best! Mr. Richard Dudek saved my life. I was facing 3-4 serious felonies and was only in jail for one month and then put on ankle because he caught a flaw in the system. He fought hard for me and kept me updated and made sure I had a very clear understanding of everything that was going on in my case. Me and my family put our trust in him to get me out of that situation and that’s exactly what he did without me having to go to trial we beat the case. I’m so appreciative of all his hard work and would highly recommend him to anyone.”

– Anonymous

“My juvenile son was facing a felony and a strike. I didn’t know where to turn and Mr. Dudek stepped in as his attorney and not only did he resolve the case without my son taking a strike but the felony eventually was reduced to a misdemeanor and now my son has a whole world of possibilities opening up to him that he would not have had with a strike and felony on his record thanks to Mr. Dudek!!”

– Lisa Moll

“Richard Dudek is the kind of lawyer you think don’t exist, but he DOES!!!. He has a skillful command of the law and legal procedure, respect for his clients and their families, and integrity. And his fees are reasonable . SOUNDS GOOD TO BE TRUE? Its not, this is an excellent attorney .

Thank you Richard for giving me back my life and my American Dream!! I thought all was lost and I believe that without you it probably would have been.

We went trough three lawyers for our criminal case. The first two charged many thousands of dollars and provided no defense.Then Richard took over and provided a far better defense than any of the lawyers we consulted with, and far better than we expected based on the other lawyers.”

– Meghan Castleman

“Our first contact with Mr. Dudek was on short notice and on his day off.

His willingness to do that gave us a good first impression which only became more impressive as he guided our son through his case.

He had to jump over many hurdles that were put before him by the Public Defender’s office as well as the District Attorney’s office. He worked diligently and aggressively to get their cooperation and attention. This despite the fact that it was in a different county than where his practice is located.

Mr. Dudek’s legal strategy kept our son’s case from going to trial where he could have been facing a long prison term.

We highly recommend Mr. Dudek for his professionalism, experience and expertise. He tackled our son’s case with confidence and the outcome was successful. Mr. Dudek is an excellent defense attorney.”

– Russell Adams

“He resurrected our family’s life! Eternally grateful to Mr. Dudek for his due diligence in saving our father from a life sentence. Our father (and us) will one day be able to move pass this and be together, again.”

– Monet

“Did a great job for a friend of mine. Definitely going to recommend him.”

– Wade Casey

“Richard is an attorney who cares about the people in the cases he represents. He took my case from beginning to end and fought for me in court. I couldn’t have asked for more. I would highly recommend him.”

– Lyn Geist

“Brilliant Attorney. Highly recommend!!”

– Karen Snow

“This guy really does his job he got me probation and also proposed to help me get that felony knocked down to a misdemeanor after two years so this guy is on your side.”

– Bryant C.

“Last year, after kicking a person out of this house, he left a 2001 Toyota Corolla that he had stripped clean for any parts to put on his car. He had stolen about $1000 worth of my medicine and then had the gall to blame it on my wife. The car he left in my garage was stolen by him and then left it in my garage. Then all of a sudden my front door kicked in! 3 Sacramento Sheriff’s deputies. They said they were at my house because of an anonymous tip (I wonder who tipped them). I was placed under arrest, cuffed up and taken to the main jail at 651 I street. My bail was $160,000! There was no way I was gonna make bail. So I did something risky, I plead guilty to receiving stolen property (dropped to a misdemeanor now). And I was sentenced to 180 days in the county jail. And I had until January 8th 2020 to sign up for work project/home detention. And I still owed all 180 days , save for the 7 I waited in jail to get to court. On the 13th of December 2019, on a referral from a family attorney. I made an appointment with Mr. Dudek, his prices are very reasonable. He kept me from freaking out about all this. Mr Dudek attacks a case from all angles. In the end, Mr.Dudek, found a mistake in my original plea, they forgot to tell of two of my rights that I have to waive in order to plead guilty. When the judge saw the mistake my Lawyer had found, let’s just say he wanted it off his docket. So now I sleep sound with nothing hanging over my head, it feels great! Thank you Mr.Dudek!”

– J Bruce O.

“Richard Dudek really helped me figure out a strategy to win my case. He was with me every step of the way. I highly recommend Mr. Dudek if you ever have a legal problem.”

– Christian E.

“Mr. Richard Dudek is the attorney to have on your side, he is a very knowledgeable criminal law attorney with considerable experience. I am extremely happy to have had him at our side during this trying time. I will always recommend him to anyone that has a difficult legal problem. To Richard Dudek and staff, Thank you will never be enough for what you do.”

– Rebecca W.

“Mr. Dudek worked diligently for 3 years keeping the case away from a trial, successfully fighting for the least amount of incarceration time. Richard Dudek is an excellent criminal law attorney, extremely knowledgeable of the law, sincere & the hardest working attorney I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Thank you again Mr. Richard Dudek your valuable expertise of the law & it’s people will always be appreciated.”
– Judi G.


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