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Sacramento criminal attorney Richard Dudek is Certified as a Specialist in Criminal Law by The State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization.

Since 1985, the Law Office of Richard T. Dudek has made a positive difference in the lives of our clients in the greater Sacramento area.

We are aware of the stress and fear that you, or a loved one, faces when under investigation or charged with a criminal offense. Whether it is the loss of your freedom, the loss of your professional license or driver’s license, our attorneys are prepared and experienced to fight for your rights. Having a team of dedicated professionals working with, and for, you is the only way to protect your freedom.

Having handled thousands of cases from complex murder trials to simple DUI cases and trespassing charges throughout the state, our team has never forgotten that any conviction is likely to change someone’s life. Having represented many professionals such as lawyers, law firms, doctors, nurses, contractors and businesses charged with crimes, we know how important it is to your professional and personal life. Our criminal defense attorneys search for every angle and every factor that may lessen a charge or lead to a dismissal. With vast experience in plea bargaining and trial, our team knows that only dedication and preparation of your case will lead to the most favorable outcome.

Our Approach

Criminal defense attorney Richard Dudek works diligently to protect his clients. You will spend a lot of time with your attorney, especially if your case goes to trial, so we can’t help but think of our clients as an extended version of our own families and close friends. However, we will never bring a client to trial if we can gain a dismissal. It is our goal in every case to demonstrate and show the prosecuting attorney to not pursue charges. We are adept at presenting the evidence that helps our clients.

Sometimes, intervening early and offering to plea to charges being contemplated might be preferable if there is a real possibility the prosecutor could bring additional and more serious charges should you plead not guilty. Prosecutors have limited resources and their goal is to seek convictions if the facts and circumstances warrant it.

If you have an alibi and can prove you were elsewhere at the time of the crime, your attorney can corroborate this and then schedule a meeting with the prosecutor to discuss. You might use this tactic if you can demonstrate that an accuser is mentally unsound or has a motive for alleging you committed some wrongdoing and the evidence is not credible or cannot be corroborated.

In matters where you are accused of a sex crime, a conviction or plea can lead to the requirement of having to register as a sex offender for life. If you are an immigrant, you face possible deportation if you plead to an offense without fully understanding the consequences. In many of these cases, these consequences can be avoided by a competent and skilled criminal defense attorney with the knowledge to effectively and aggressively defend you and reach an amicable conclusion to your case.

Additionally, criminal attorney Richard Dudek has extensive knowledge in defending pimping and pandering allegations, including human trafficking. Our office can handle your fraud case, which includes, theft, credit card fraud, medical billing or worker’s compensation fraud, as well as, any white collar criminal matter, whether it is a felony or misdemeanor. We represent adults and juveniles in both state and federal courts on all criminal charges and are familiar with the procedure for Proposition 57 and negotiating any enhancements the District Attorney most likely will be trying to add to your sentence during the negotiation phase of your case.

Consequently, generally, a prosecutor will take your case more seriously if you have a seasoned and established criminal defense attorney representing you. You have more opportunity for a reasonable disposition of your case, including dismissal, a plea to a lesser charge, an alternative sentence or one where jail or prison time is suspended indefinitely.

Prop. 47

Charges for narcotics and drug possession have recently been affected by Proposition 47, but transportation, cultivation, manufacturing and sales do not fall under the umbrella of protection that Proposition 47 now offers for non-sales and/or non-manufacturing charges. Our office can handle your criminal case, no matter how big or small, regardless of the charge(s) and where your case falls in the normal progression of time and whether you are faced with a felony, misdemeanor, infraction or have not yet even been charged with a crime, you will feel like you are with your extended family and close friends. We represent adults and juveniles in BOTH state and federal courts and facing any and all criminal charges. Only an attorney with up to date knowledge on the laws of our state can offer you the most aggressive representation possible in order to gain the most favorable resolution of your case.

Our Practice

Since criminal defense lawyer Richard Dudek is a Certified Criminal Law Specialist, he is more experienced in handling murder cases and cases which carry a life sentence or death penalty sentence, including third strike allegations, than another attorney who is NOT a Certified Specialist, which makes a big difference as to the outcome of a case. He is also familiar with smaller criminal charges as well, such as, cases ranging from minors in possession of illegal substances or minors with assault charges and up to domestic violence, gang affiliation and weapons charges.

Our Fees

Once you have decided to engage our services, we will negotiate a fee based on the nature of your specific situation and will always keep in mind that you, like us, work hard for your money, therefore, we will always attempt to exceed your expectations to give you more than your money’s worth, but more importantly, peace of mind. We only accept cases for a flat fee, which means you will never be billed for the number of hours spent on your case and you won’t receive a bill each month “nickle and diming” you. The flat fee will cover most necessary legal services for the attorney and law office staff needed for your defense and anything that is not included in that amount will be discussed with you and approved by you before it is ordered so you get no surprises.

So, put this team of experienced, dedicated caring professionals on your side and contact the office at (916) 444-7595 any time, day or night, to arrange a meeting. What do you have to lose…except your FREEDOM?!

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