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The heart of criminal defense is the protection of your individual rights.

  • When confronted with government prosecution, our clients want to know what are the charges?
  • What is the punishment for this crime?
  • What are the consequences of a criminal conviction?

In sensitive or high-profile cases, an effective Sacramento Criminal Defense Attorney must consider media coverage and public humiliation as factors when acting to protect your rights.

Sacramento criminal defense attorney Richard Dudek protects your constitutional rights and your good name when we craft your defense.


As a consummate criminal defense attorney, Richard Dudek advocates for your interests regardless of the nature of the crime. Consent by a mentally competent adult is a basic defense to sex crimes charges, and our seasoned private investigators unearth every piece of favorable evidence. Whether cross-examining your accuser in a domestic violence case or defending against child molestation or child pornography allegations, Richard Dudek focuses his time on defending you.


In California, crimes may be charged as either felonies or misdemeanors. The choice of felony or misdemeanor rests with the prosecutor and depends on the nature of the event and your criminal history. A felony is punishable by imprisonment in state or federal prison for more than a year. A misdemeanor is punished by incarceration for a year or less in county jail.

With more than a decade of experience with the Sacramento, CA criminal courts, Richard Dudek is highly effective at negotiating for reduced charges during plea negotiations. Richard Dudek knows what a case should be worth and does not permit you to be overcharged by heavy-handed prosecution.


Richard Dudek believes in direct contact and collaboration with you. We keep you fully informed about your case at all times. A knowledgeable client makes better decisions. As your defense counsel, Mr. Cintean explains:

  • The facts supporting the allegations against you
  • Your options in plea negotiations
  • The extent of potential punishments
  • Various consequences of a felony or misdemeanor conviction

Our law firm is here to assist you with every nuance of your case, whether it is the penalty for vehicular manslaughter, the laws on child abuse, the defenses to drug charges, insurance consequences after a DUI, or how to defend against allegations of assault on a coworker at work. No matter what the charges and whatever your questions, we answer them. It is our duty and privilege to protect and advise you.


Advocacy on behalf of our clients does not end at sentencing. The Law Offices of Richard Dudek is your advocate on appeal from any criminal conviction. Appeals and writs provide avenues of post-conviction relief in many criminal cases. Appeals essentially overturn a court order because of lack of evidence, judge bias or another miscarriage of justice. A writ claims your rights are currently being violated by the state, for example if you are incarcerated for an invalid reason. We vigorously pursue such post-conviction remedies at both the federal and state levels.

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