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Professional License Defense

Sacramento License Defense Attorney

Legal Trouble With Your Professional Licensing Board? Sacramento license defense attorney Richard Dudek handles professional license defense cases in California. The area of the law dealing with professional license defense can be complex and often confusing.

Professional License Defense

Sacramento License Defense Attorney

Richard Dudek is Certified as a Specialist in Criminal Law by The State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization.

It starts with a letter that you cannot ignore. It can end with the loss of your license and your livelihood. If you choose to defend yourself, there is a good chance that you will lose everything that you have worked for all of your life, even if you have done nothing wrong.

License defense attorney Richard Dudek has been successful in defending professional licenses relating to professional misconduct issues and preventing license revocation for:

  • Medical professionals, such as doctors, surgeons and physicians;
  • Nurses, CRNAs and anesthesiologists;
  • Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians;
  • Mental health therapists;
  • Other hospital and medical personnel;
  • Agency status such as insurance agents and Realtors;
  • Business license owners such as bar and ABC license owners; and,
  • General contractors and subcontractors.

License Revocation Hearings

The power of administrative boards is such that they even have the ability to overturn the decision of a judge who has ruled in your favor. Even if you have lost at an administrative hearing, there are ways to appeal that decision, all of the way up to the state Supreme Court.

Medical License

When they are under investigation for a violation of their licensure, many doctors, licensed registered nurses and other medical professionals believe that they can simply explain their actions to the licensure board and that everything will be OK. In fact, the exact opposite is true. The more you say, the more likely that things will end badly for you. California licensing boards are the strictest in the Union.

Surviving the challenges of medical school and medical residency is an accomplishment that few can achieve. Surviving an investigation of an administrative medical licensure board is a challenge that even fewer survive without adequate representation by an experienced administrative license defense lawyer.

ABC License

Sales to minors, noise violations, hours of operation violations or alcohol outside the premises can all trigger an effort by liquor license authorities to revoke your club’s liquor license. We can help administrative law authorities understand that you made every good faith effort to correct the problem once you learned of the violation.

We will review all documentation relating to the allegations against you and prepare a defense that will present a strong case to prevent the revocation of your liquor license.

Mr. Dudek has extensive trial experience and is also known throughout the legal community for his work in the area of appellate law. These qualities can only aid your case.

Contractors License

Licensed contractors, including those with A Licenses (general engineering contractors), B Licenses (general building contractors) or C Licenses (specialty contracting licenses), all fall under the dominion of the CSLB. This board has the power to make or break a livelihood. The CSLB is the administrative law board that oversees all matters relating to contractors and their licenses. It is not like a civil court, nor is it like a criminal court. It has its own set of arcane rules and regulations that must be adhered to.

Real Estate License

We provide the skilled and zealous representation that is needed to protect client rights, preserve their livelihood and defend their professional licenses. We represent clients who are at risk of losing their license due to:

  • Misrepresentation of a property;.
  • Mishandling of money;.
  • Criminal conviction;.
  • Failure to meet real estate licensing requirements;.
  • Breach of contract between a seller or buyer and agent;.
  • General incompetence;.
  • Mortgage fraud; and,.
  • Other real estate agent, broker or appraiser licensure matters.

Insurance License

As an insurance agent, your livelihood depends on you maintaining a valid insurance license or licenses. When an allegation of bad faith, a criminal conviction or another issue threatens to take your license away, call upon the experience of Sacramento insurance license defense attorney Richard Dudek.

Auto Repair and Smog Shop License

The Bureau of Automotive Repair is vicious and thorough in its attacks upon repair shops. The B.A.R. uses customer complaints and very sophisticated sting operations to trap unsuspecting mechanics.

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No matter what kind of professional license you hold, you worked very hard to get it and you cannot afford to lose it now. If you have received notice from your administrative licensing board that your licensure is under investigation or being denied for an alleged wrongdoing, including criminal convictions for DUIs, the immediate counsel of a licensure defense attorney with a demonstrable track record can be of enormous help to you. Let Sacramento professional license defense attorney Richard Dudek help you fight for your LIFE!

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