“When I was charged with a DUI, a close family friend of mine who was an attorney recommended me to Mr. Dudek. He did an awesome job and helped me get acquitted. He was incredibly dependable, knowledgeable about the subject, and seemed to have a natural ability to analyze the facts and read between the lines. Mr. Dudek helped me get the charge dropped and in doing so I was able to regain my reputation and good name. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a great criminal attorney.”

– Steven a DUI client


“When my relationship break up went so unbelievably wrong and ended up with me in jail on burglary charges I had no idea what to do!! I remembered a friend telling me about a great attorney that helped her boyfriend so I called him. Thankfully that attorney was Mr. Dudek. He was out of town when I contacted him and not only did he answer his phone on his vacation, he flew home in time for my arraignment, got me out without me needing to post bail (OR’d) and eventually got all burglary charges completely dropped and all for a reasonable rate! Who knows were I’d be right now had it not been for Mr. Dudek. I’m forever indebted to him.”

– Christina a Criminal Defense client


“The BEST attorney if you are facing drug-related charges. I have the greatest esteem for Richard Dudek and would highly recommend him as an attorney. I had a legal issue that was causing me a great deal of stress and anxiety. I was starting to lose sleep. He was very reassuring and expedited taking care of the matter for me. In fact, I could not believe how quickly he resolved this issue for me. I was looking at 10 years in prison Richard was able to get dropped to 1 year on house arrest. He is well known in the courts everyone has lot’s of respect for Mr. Dudek. I would have to say he saved my life. The only lawyer you need in Sacramento and surrounding areas. Thank you so much Mr. Dudek!”

– Justin a Criminal Defense client


“After consulting with several attorneys, we had no doubt we would hire Richard Dudek and his fellow attorney Philip McCarthy. Both of them are knowledgeable and professional. They got us the best possible outcome of our case for which we are truly thankful to them. We would definitely recommend both of them to those who need legal advice and representation.”

“If Columbo Was a Lawyer I couldn’t figure it out at first. Then, on the day of my first court appearance, it was about to rain and Richard wore an overcoat. It suddenly came to me! If Columbo was an attorney, he’d be Richard Dudek! The only thing he didn’t do was say “oh, just one more thing”.

If you haven’t watched Columbo on TV, I will explain. Richard Dudek is sharp. He’s shrewd. He’s cool and calculating. You can’t tell how good any attorney is until you’ve seen him work. I’ve seen Richard work and he is good! He’s experienced. He knows how to represent you in the most effective way. He helped me get the best outcome possible. If I ever need a criminal defense attorney again, I will hire Richard Dudek.”

– Brian a Criminal Defense client


“Handled both son’s cases admirable, very successful under the circumstances of the cases. Was very knowledgable and trustworthy in the matters and fair in fees and understanding. Handled more than once for one son, and each time we were satisfied with the outcome.”

– Criminal Defense client


“Great Result From a Great Lawyer Mr. Dudek helped me when I had a case that another attorney said was unwinnable. The respect he received from the Judge and the D.A. was incredible and the jury loved him! Wow! He saved my life!”

– Criminal Defense client


“NO matter what, you will be the winner %100! The only thing that I would say, is that he is fully experienced in his job and knowledgeable. He saved my life and I highly recommend Mr. Dudek for DUI cases. You will be the winner, do not hesitate to call to this experienced lawyer.”

– Behdad a Criminal Defense client


“Richard Dudek really helped me figure out a strategy to win my case. He was with me every step of the way. I highly recommend Mr. Dudek if you ever have a legal problem.”

– Christian, a Criminal Defense client


“Richard Dudek is the criminal defense lawyer in Sacramento whom I recommend. He is an extremely talented lawyer, very hard working, and well respected in the courts of Sacramento and neighboring counties.”

– Alec, client


“A True Winner – When I was wrongfully arrested for DUI in wine country I spoke to several lawyers in the area and they all seemed to be in cahoots. I decided to get a lawyer from the valley to take my case. When the District Attorney wouldn’t dismiss the case because I was not guilty, Mr. Dudek had no choice but to take it to trial. I knew from the moment that he first spoke to the jury on the day of trial, that I had hired a winner. Not only did Mr. Dudek impress the Judge, with his command of the Courtroom and of the Law, but he made the district attorney look and sound like a neophyte. I believe that In the end, it was the ability to charm the jury that decided the case. This was several years ago, but I have followed Mr. Dudek’s career over the years and he just gets better and better. I am still embarassed about the incident, but when it comes to being the best criminal defense lawyer in Northern California, Mr. Dudek has no competetion. His abilities are wasted in the backwaters and he should move to a big City where he can really shine.”



“Mr. Dudek is a Great Criminal Defense Attorney – Mr. Dudek was very professional and effective when my husband hired him for our son’s case in Sacramento. He filed a motion that got the evidence suppressed and our son’s case was dismissed. When we were in court, we noticed that the court staff was very respectful of him, and he was very well prepared. Thanks to Mr. Dudek, our son was able to stay in college.”

– Anonymous


“Richard Dudek is a very experienced criminal defense attorney whose ability to cross-examine and argue difficult cases is unparalleled. Rich and I tried a difficult DUI trial together where the client’s blood alcohol test showed a result well above the legal limit. Rich captured the attention of the jury in his closing argument like no other attorney I have seen. Ultimately the jury returned a not guilty verdict. If you have a difficult case you should consult with Rich.”

~John C., Sacramento DUI attorney

“Mr. Dudek is a fellow criminal defense attorney. He has been my friend and colleague and mentor for more than 20 years. Rich is well known and respected by the entire criminal justice community including judges, court personnel, and even (or maybe especially) his adversaries in the D.A.’s office. He is a true giant killer in the court room. This skill and reputation directly benefit his clients in myriad ways. His people skills are as remarkable as his trial skills. He is a disarmingly effective advocate dealing with the prosecution outside the court room. He recognizes and exploits any and all weaknesses in the prosecution case creating reasonable doubt with the jury and improving settlement value with the D A. On more than one occasion, I have listened to jurors comment to the effect that they thought Rich’s client was guilty but acquitted because they were not satisfied that the prosecutor had met its burden of proof.”

~Richard S., Sacramento criminal defense attorney

“I endorse this lawyer’s work. Mr. Dudek is a super lawyer and a strong advocate for his clients.

~Daniel W., Sacramento immigration attorney

“Top shelf lawyer.”

~Robert M., Sacramento estate planning attorney

“I have watched Mr. Dudek in court. He is brilliant in his cross exams and closings. And from years of experience I can say he is honest. No attorney can guarantee the outcome because ultimately it is up to the jury or judge not us. But Mr. Dudek will do everything he can to properly represent you. He will not take your money and then do no work as many attorneys do.”

~Thomas N., Sacramento child custody attorney

“Mr. Dudek is an extremely talented and experienced attorney. He is very well known and respected in the courts in Sacramento and all surrounding counties. He is highly ethical. He is a very skilled and creative advocate for his clients.”

~Alex R., DUI attorney

“His knowledge of the criminal justice system is unsurpassed. As is his voracious appetite for justice.”

~Thomas B., Sacramento immigration attorney